Upload to Instagram without an app/extension on Vivaldi

instagram upload through desktop browser vivaldi

Instagram doesn’t allow uploads from unofficial apps or unless you are using a mobile browser. You will have to change your browsers user-agent to make it seem like you are browsing from a smartphone, so Instagram lets you use the upload feature. That still needs an additional extension and configuration. With Vivaldi browser, you can achieve this without any extensions at all.

Vivaldi has a “web panel” feature which allows you to add “always on” stickies different from standard tabs. They place themselves under the download and notes bar. The specialty of this feature is they use the mobile user agent by default. Once you add Instagram as a web panel, you are automatically taken to the Instagram mobile web interface.

1. You will have to log in to Instagram. You can do this from any tab in Vivaldi. The interface doesn’t matter as the web panel and regular tabs share same sessions.

2. Now create a new web panel for Instagram.

create webpanel through vivaldi browser

Here’s how you create a web panel in Vivaldi.

create webpanel through vivaldi browser gif

3. Once on the mobile web interface, you can quickly start uploading and interacting as you would on a smartphone.

4. Now search for the “camera” icon or any other way to add new images/video on the screen.

5. Choose your image, Edit your image, Post a message, Share your image.

That’s easy as that.

Here’s a gif representing the upload process from Vivaldi’s Instagram web panel.

Upload to instagram through vivaldi browser

Once you’ve completed the upload, you can just close the web panel to make new posts later. You can also remove the Instagram web panel to reduce usage from the browser.

If you are already using Vivaldi, then you can start uploading to Vivaldi right away. If you have not used Vivaldi yet, I recommend trying it out. It has some impressive features and customization on top of chromium browser making it perfect for improving your workflow on the web.