Listen to Kindle books with Text to Speech on Windows


Kindle for Windows allows you to read all your library on Windows operating system. While it isn’t as customizable as the Android or iPhone offerings, it does allow in-built TTS to read out your books. Amazon only allows Text-to-Speech features on their own Kindle and Windows application. You can still use TTS on iPad or iPhones by using  iOS accessibility service. However, the Kindle app on Windows still needs to be in the foreground for continuous recitation.

You will need the latest Kindle app from Amazon to enjoy Text-to-Speech feature. Download it directly from the Amazon download site and you are ready to enjoy your books on your Desktop, Laptop or Windows Tablet.

Once installed open up any book of your choice. On the Tools menu, you should find a Start Text to Speech option to start the recitation of your book with default Text to Speech voice on your Windows.

Kindle for Windows Text to Speech

You can choose from multiple default voices provided from Microsoft as default TTS voice. But the default Text-to-Speech for Windows desktops version are very robotic and monotonous. However you can configure to include “Windows Eva Mobile” voice which sound more natural and comfortable to listen to. Follow the steps described here precisely to enable Eva on your Windows.

The Speech-to-Text sound, however, should be changed from legacy control panel speech settings and the Windows 10 sound settings don’t seem to take effect. For this you will have to go to:

Control Panel->Speech Recognition->Text to Speech

Selecting Microsoft Eva Mobile voice as default on Windows

And choose “Microsoft Eva Mobile” as the default voice for transcribing text to speech. The screen you’ll encounter will look like this. Apply the settings and you can enjoy “Microsoft Eva Mobile” voice as your default TTS voice on Amazon Kindle app. Check out our daily updated list of free kindle books in our forum to test kindle text to speech feature.

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