About Us

Welcome to the Jucktion. :)

The Jucktion was created to have a junction for people to share, have fun and share their views on all the different topics. We have gone through some big highs and some lows since we have started the journey since 2010. We’ve lost databases, lots of files and lots of other stuffs some with our own mistakes while some were not US. But we’re back again strong with a better knowledge of the workings of Internet and we hope to get some great features and get better. We will continue to maintain and organize the site as much as possible.

We currently have three different section on our site, the main site, The Discussion Forum and The Jucktion Tech Blog. I generally keep active on the Forum and the tech blog. We’ve stopped the shop section since it was causing some high memory usage which caused many internal server issues. We hope to get it back soon when it will feel right.

We don’t currently have a lot of visitors to our site or active members on our forums but we hope it will definitely change in the future. Our revenue at this time are Adsense ads that you see everywhere :D. But if you’d like to advertise on your site we’ll be glad to have you as our Advertiser/Supporter.

The Jucktion Team will always love to have some new team members from anywhere on Earth who are smart, helpful and knowledgeable to help us with the site and management. So if you’re interested please contact us through the Contact form. Any queries, complaints and suggestions are welcome. :)

The Jucktion