Download Instagram, TikTok and other videos without watermark


Are you tired of the hassle when you want to save a cool video or clip you found online? Maybe it’s a wicked skateboard trick on Instagram, a laugh-till-you-cry cat video on YouTube, a strange meme on Reddit or that mind-blowing DIY tutorial on Pinterest. We’ve all been there—wishing we could keep those videos without going through a maze of clicks, pop-ups, or, worse, sneaky ads that seem to know way too much about us. Well, buckle up, because I’ve got some good news for you!

Imagine a tool that lets you snag videos from almost any corner of the internet—yes, even those quirky Vine archives you miss so much (hey, no judgment; we all have our throwback moments).

A download prompt showing file from Tiktok. without watermark.
A download prompt to download videos from Tiktok. without watermark.

Cobalt is a free service that’s like the Swiss Army knife for all your video saving needs. And the best part? It’s totally free, has zero annoying ads to dodge, and it’s open-source. That’s right; tech-savvy folks can peek under the hood and see how it ticks or even contribute to making it better.

Cobalt is a one-stop-shop where you can download videos. Just paste the link of the photo,video, shorts and let it do its magic. It can download photos and videos from:

  • for those niche anime episodes,
  • Instagram reels to rewatch that makeup tutorial,
  • Pinterest stories for your mood board inspiration,
  • Reddit for those viral clips and memes,
  • rutube to keep up with Russian media,
  • SoundCloud for when you stumble upon a track that’s pure fire,
  • for easy-peasy video grabs,
  • TikTok, because one watch is never enough,
  • Tumblr for when you find that gem in a sea of posts,
  • Twitch clips to study pro gamers’ moves,
  • Twitter to catch up on videos and voices of the moment,
  • Vimeo for those high-quality indie films,
  • Vine Archive to relive 6-second hilarities,
  • VK video & clips for our friends using the Russian social platform,
  • YouTube for… well, everything else, from shorts to documentaries and tunes.

This game-changer is like your virtual video library where you’re the curator. No more bookmarking tabs or filling up your phone’s storage with screen recordings. Just download-and-share content like you always used to.

Cobalt offers options based on what you want to download. You can download TikTok videos without watermark and choose the quality of your videos for supported platforms. Additional customization includes the ability to choose video format and streams. You can also choose to only download audio.

Video download options on Cobalt tools
Video download options on Cobalt tools

So whether you’re trying to save that how-to clip for later or just want to collect videos without the fear of them disappearing into the internet void, this service has got your back. Get ready to take control of your online video experience and never lose track of those priceless moments again.

Who knew keeping your digital treasures could be this easy and stress-free? Welcome to the future of video downloading—kick back, relax, and let the downloads roll in!

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