Download or Stream Torrent on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)

Stream torrent movies on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)

Apple has always forbidden torrenting on an iOS device. Apple doesn’t allow any apps on their app store that allow torrents to be downloaded on users’ devices. There are some ways you can side load third-party applications to download torrents, but it is a complicated process. It also comes with a huge risk by putting trust in developers of these apps. In this article, we are going to learn to stream torrents on your iOS device from your browser.

Note: Make sure to only stream legal content and check your local laws before streaming copyright content.

You will need the latest safari browser and the ability to download files to your iPad or iPhone. Let’s get started:

First, you need to download the torrent file on your device. Since you cannot copy magnet links on Safari, this is the only way to get streaming to work. We are going to use Internet Archive’s film repository to get the torrent files for streaming.

Internet Archive's Feature Films collection
Internet Archive’s Feature Films collection

Archive has a huge list of public domain movies for free download and streaming. Pick a movie and find the torrent download link on the sidebar. Then download it to your device. Archive doesn’t provide an magnet link or I couldn’t find one.

A torrent download link on Archive's public domain movie page.
A torrent download link on Archive’s public domain movie page.

Go to the website after download is complete. Once there, make sure that there aren’t any errors. We also recommend using an AdBlock. Then find the open button and load the torrent file we just downloaded.

Webtor website to stream torrents
Webtor website to stream torrents

The web app will now try to resolve the torrent information and look through the files for a video file. It will also resolve seeders to download the file. This takes a little while so have a little patience.

Open the torrent file on the device you just downloaded
Open the torrent file on the device you just downloaded

If there are enough seeders, you should be able to stream the movie right on your browser. And you can enjoy the movie. You can also download the file if you wish.

Stream torrent movies on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)
Movie streaming through a torrent on the safari browser

And that’s it. You’re now free to stream the torrent content right on your iOS browser with no other application installed. Buffering the content will vary based on the number of seeders and the speed of your internet. However, it at least will allow you to view torrent on your iPad without any restrictions set by Apple.