Convert PDF to Word on iOS using powerful converting engines for free

pdf to word ios

Work and study these days involve dealing with documents of many different formats. There are different file formats for every software you use. Working with various Office suite churn up a files with different extension that might not function on a different office suite at all or be messed up. As a student, you research documents online and find all different kinds of file formats and business handle all kinds of bills, statements and invoices.  PDF (Portable Document Format) is a format that doesn’t break layout in any OS which solves the reliability of one document standard across multiple devices.

However, with portability, the downside is that it is not editable. Once you convert files to PDF, you are not going to be adding/editing/deleting content from the file. Fortunately, there are applications to allow conversions from PDF to Word recognised file format. There are many options, but they are often not up to the mark. After testing multiple applications that convert PDF to Word, we concluded the following application as one of the best to convert PDF document in iOS for free.

pdf to word ios

PDF to Word is an iOS application by Cometdocs, a web service that converts file formats online. The best thing about the service is that this is one of the only services that allows conversion of complex PDF documents with a close to the original format. Other applications we have tried have irregularities and often are a hit and miss. It has free applications for Windows, Android and iOS.

So to get a quick and accurate conversion of documents on the go, you just need this application and a proper internet connection. The application uploads your PDF document onto their cloud server, converts the document to Word compatible “docx” format which you can download and instantly share through other apps. As the process runs in the cloud, your device does not have to do the CPU intensive activity. The service has no file-size limits, and you can upload as many numbers of files as you need.

The process is straightforward as sharing your PDF file to the application through the iOS share menu. Once shared, the PDF file opens up on the “PDF to Word” application.

copy file to pdf to word app

On the top left action bar, “Convert” shows you the format of the document you want to be converted. You choose “Word” as the file format, and it begins uploading the file to the server for conversion.
pdf to word menu

Once the file finishes uploading to the server, it starts conversion and notifies you once the converted file downloads onto your iPhone or iPad. You can close the app once the upload is complete as the conversion processing runs on the cloud. Once the word file completes downloading, you can view the converted file right on the application. Moreover, you can start sharing the document to an email or share with friends or colleagues.

pdf to word conversion stages

The application PDF to Word app offers in-app purchases for additional features such as “Business Extension” offering file conversion to other than word documents like Excel, Image, Powerpoint, Text or even an AutoCAD file. The requirement for converting to an AutoCAD file would be to use a PDF made from an Autodesk AutoCAD application.

There are some bugs so to speak with the application. The main problem I encountered was when the application failed to upload the file at times. The application did crash few times, which I think might be my fault but lets blame the app developers. But these can be isolated problems that could relate to my internet and application usage. So why don’t you give it a try.