Puffin Browser Pro for Android gets Adblock


Puffin Browser performs CPU intensive tasks on the cloud so that your devices aren’t under stress while viewing heavy sites like youtube, facebook, or any other site. The users were vocal about wanting an ad-block which would additionally reduce bandwidth. And with today’s update of Puffin Browser Pro for Android app, they have enabled Adblock feature. Puffin Browser adblock feature will reduce your bandwidth and speed up your browsing

Puffin Browser Free and Puffin Browser Pro have always been similar with minimal differences in features. The only difference before was ability to use the cloud to download 1 GB of data to your Google drive or dropbox. The free version only allowed 100MB of download to cloud. With addition of Adblock for Puffin Browser, this may be something to consider upgrading to.

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To enable Adblock on Puffin Browser, just navigate to Settings, and enable the “Block ads” toggle to on. Then you will not be seeing most of the annoying ads anywhere using the browser.

Puffin Browser Adblock

We are not sure if the adblock feature will land on the free version of Puffin Browser for Android. If you haven’t gotten the update yet, way for the update containing the ad-block feature. The first version offering Adblock is Version If you didn’t know Puffin Browser is also available on Windows.


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