Puffin Cloud Browser for Windows in Beta

Windows Puffin Cloud Browser

Puffin Browser, the mobile cloud browser which transfers processing from local CPU to a cloud server is now available for Windows. Puffin Browser was only available for Android and iOS mobile operating system before this release. In basic terms, a fast cloud computer with Flash is processing and rendering your content to your screen. Puffin Browser for Windows is currently a beta release, and only necessary essential browsing features are supported.

Windows Puffin Cloud Browser

Browsers handle requests you send and render the data received from the websites. Usually a browser like Chrome or Firefox downloads and renders HTML/CSS/JavaScript content to you. All this is done by different rendering engines utilizing the processing of your computer. Puffin Browser uses cloud processing to render the content and then only displays the rendered website.

Here’s some distinct features you get from using Puffin Browser for Windows:

Speedy Rendering

Puffin Browser aims to create a seamless browsing experience in the cloud. As your browse through the web, your requests are handled by a cloud computer, and the contents are displayed to you. This implementation of cloud processing enables powerful performance and speed through a regular PC. While there are times when the interaction will not be smooth as a local browser, it makes up with the pace of loading web content.

Flash supported from the Cloud

Puffin Browser uses a flash enabled cloud browser so that you do not need to install flash on your system. So as you still can enjoy flash content and games without worrying about the vulnerability related to Flash. While flash may be dying, many sites still operate flash to provide their content. And also there’s nostalgia for playing old flash games.

Privacy from Local Threats

Using Puffin’s cloud browser prevents ISP from snooping the content you are browsing. While the privacy policy of Puffin might still be a concern for many, it’s primary usage should be for entertainment rather than privacy. Currently, Puffin’s cloud servers only operate in the US, so your geographic location could cause some inconvenience. But if you have a stable connection, this should speed up delivery as well.

As privacy concerns are getting widely publicized, Puffin browser for Windows can be considered a measure to beat public Wi-Fi and ISP snooping without the use of a VPN application.