July 25, 2017

Best Apple iOS 6 Maps Mistakes

iOS 6 was just recently released without the usual Google Maps when apple chose to create its own map application with 3D visuals and navigation. But If you’re thinking that’s going to be amazing, you might be right if they didn’t have problems with the images, duplications, missing cities and other mistakes.


There were Apple iOS auto corrects that were making some funny pictures online. Now its time Apple had moved ahead with the other apps. Only this time they messed up the whole world.

Here are some of the mistakes found on the Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app

Apple Loses its own Store-HP
Apple is so big it loses its own Store sometimes. The Store is really on the other side. Credit:HuffingtonPost
A Farm named Airfield is listed as an Air Field
A Farm named Airfield is listed as an Air Field. Credit: HuffingtonPost
F Chamberlain and Sons closed for 15 yrs
F Chamberlain and Sons closed for 15 yrs but brought back to life on iOS. Credit: HuffingtonPost

View more in the Gallery below. 🙂


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