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September 21, 2017

Mero Lagi – Cob Web (New Song)

Cobweb are out with a new album and the new single “Mero Lagi” is available on YouTube for viewing. CobWeb are one of the most loved Rock band since their first debut album “Anjaan” in 1993. But they have been laying dormant for the past few years only performing on pubs and concerts.

But now with this new single “Mero Lagi” out we hope they are out of the hibernate state and back rocking the music scene in Nepal which is much needed at this time. Here is the new single thats been uploaded on YouTube 3 months ago, which still needs some more promotion from the fans. So here it goes:

[youtube MD9JE3hpKOg 600 500]

About The Author

I am an science, tech, gadget and coding enthusiast from Nepal. Music and Computers take up much of my time. And I like to hike and travel as often as I can. I started The Jucktion in hopes of creating an hub for information and sharing. Hope you enjoy it as much I enjoy making them. :)

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