iMessage is now on Windows 11 Insiders build


Microsoft has now enabled a way for iPhone users who also use a Windows PC to access iMessage. The Phone Link app, now in beta for Windows 11, will allow users to communicate with others through the messaging platform. Windows Insider Blog announced this information on Tuesday, February 28. This means you need your iPhone or iOS device to use the iMessage feature on your Windows 11.

Windows Insider Preview of iMessage on 'Phone Link' app
Credit: Microsoft Insiders Blog

Microsoft has outlined a new way to bridge the gap between iPhones and Windows PCs. The Phone Link app, which only connected to Android devices via Bluetooth, now will work for iPhones. After the user completes the setup process, they can access contacts, make calls and use the Messages app for texting.

Even though Messages app has limited one-on-one capabilities, it does not extend to group messaging, sending images, audio, or video. Phone Link cannot differentiate between a regular text and an iMessage. Thus, there are no green or blue chat bubbles. Phone Link will only view messages it has sent and received. The iPhone message history will not synchronize to your Windows 11 messages. So you won’t see the full conversation history on an iPhone.

Microsoft did not specify if features such as altering or deleting messages, or the bubble and visual effects, would be available. However, it is good news for many iPhone users using Windows PCs as their main computer since it provides access to Apple services and devices. Last November, Microsoft enabled the Windows 11 Photos program to access iCloud Photos. Microsoft also has preview versions of the Apple Music and Apple TV apps available for Windows, which should become operational later this year.

Developers who are part of the Windows Insider program can access the latest version of Phone Link, which has compatibility with iOS, while in beta. Microsoft is giving access to more developers as it matures. It has yet to specify when the app will release to the public. However, Windows 11 users should get it in an update after thorough testing with Windows Insider program.

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