4 more Live wallpapers by Ruslan Sokolovsky gone free


More live wallpapers for Android from developer Ruslan Sokolovsky have gone free for today. Grab the ones you like for your phones and tablets. There are many options you can set to how the live wallpapers look and react. Have fun testing these out.

Collection of live wallpapers gone free on may16

Africa 3D Pro Live Wallpaper

Rating: 4.6 (192 total)

The most beautiful African nature 3D live wallpaper on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Absolutely realistic African savanna environment inhabited by rhinos and giraffes will bring alive your phone screen! All the animals are animated and look totally real! This theme will give a lot of warm moments even in cold rainy days!

With accelometer feature you can explore the scene with rotation of your phone and fantastic floating animated camera will take you to a minute long virtual tour! Many settings options are available, among them power saving ones.

Art Alive 3D Pro lwp

Rating: 4.7 (276 total)
The most amazing photo realistic art 3D live wallpaper at Google Play for your phone or tablet! One of the most famous paintings in the world “Bedroom in Arles” of Vincent van Gogh re-created in full 3d will give artistic colorful look to your phone screen! The visual is extremely realistic, so you will feel what you are standing in the middle of the room! This live wallpaper is loaded with great amount of customization options, you can change paintings( most of them by van Gogh), walls, floor or furniture materials. So you can by yourself to design your own van Gogh room, every combination will look just amazing and artistic!
Cinematic camera will take you to one minute long virtual tour to show whole scenario. Accelometer feature will enable you to explore scene just with rotation of your phone! Now with additional cameras you can learn whole scenario much better!

Fireplace 3D Pro lwp

Rating: 4.4 (140 total)

An amazing Fireplace 3D live wallpaper on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Fully 3d realistic vintage environment with stunning fire effects will grant you warmness and relaxation in cold winter day! You can choose from different fireplaces the one what suits you best! Turn your phone into virtual fireplace! Now with sound effects option, even more real than before!

5 different cameras and customization settings available.

Space Cityscape 3D LWP

Rating: 4.4 (92 total)

One of the most amazing SkyFi 3D live wallpapers on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Amazing space megapolis environment along with fantastic sunset lighting will give your phone extremely hi tech, but romantic look. Range of additional customizing options is available.


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