Taomix Pro: Relaxing nature sounds mixer app review


So now I’ll be reviewing apps (both paid and free) that I can get my hands on and think deserve some reviewing from an expert reviewer (haha, just kidding). I’ve been wanting to do this for some time and I think “Taomix” is a perfect app to start off the first review. This app has helped me in times of stress or just to keep focus on what I was doing. And this also helps to create relaxing ambience for sleep. There are a great few natural sound mixers that give you an excellent feeling of relaxation while you listen to them. Relax Melodies is one of the popular ones. Having tried both of them and a few more, I honestly think Taomix has slightly innovative way to make the sounds feel real.

Taomix ambient sound mix

Apps that mix ambient sounds tend to use sounds from nature and put them on repeat. Mixing more sounds often makes it sound different every time and the sounds don’t seem repetitive but as you use it more often, the the brain starts to realize the patterns and sounds don’t feel so natural anymore. But with Taomix you can dynamically create new ambience and feel every time you use the app. The following are the main categories of the sounds which include different sounds inside them.

taomix ambient sounds list

The amazingly simple interface allows you to place sounds as an object on to your screen. The white circle represents the listening point of the app, the further you place your sound object they lower sounds you’ll hear. And then you try and add sounds that feel perfect for you. There are a great bunch of sounds, and although lower number of sounds than Relax melodies app, but they are definitely very high in quality. And the interesting part is that you can move and interact with the sound objects you add onto your screen. Tap and slide to move it anywhere on the screen and tap and hold to increase or decrease the volume of the sound. And the best part is how you can drag and pull the white circle to make it move automatically through your screen. And as the cursor moves through the screen the distance between the sounds vary creating an constantly evolving sound. This ability to make dynamically evolving sounds makes Taomix ambient sounds sound unique every single time that your brain doesn’t get bored with.

The interface is pretty simple, the app first loads onto a blank, where there’s a white circle, the cursor and the settings button the bottom. Once you press the settings button you’ll be provide options to set the timer, volume, add sound, load sounds, delete the mix, mute the volume and help settings where you can find info about your purchase.

taomix timer settings volume help screen

After you’ve created a sound that you like, you can save them to your save lists so you can load them up any time later. The free version of the app lets you add 3 different sounds to the mix while the pro version lets you add 10 sounds to the mix. I do have the pro version and adding more sounds of the same type definitely makes it more unique in my opinion.

Saved ambient sounds

So according to me my verdict for the App is:

The Good:

  • High Quality Sounds
  • Many varieties of sounds (and growing)
  • Clean and Easy to use interface

The Bad:

  • The sounds flicker while running on background some times.
  • Sound files are saved in internal rather than external SD card. (hurts if you have limited internal memory)

The Awesome:

Ingenious way to make sounds dynamically change to create unique ambient sounds every time.

Grab the Taomix app for your device from:


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