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September 21, 2017

4 Live wallpaper apps gone free today

3 live wallpaper apps gone free

Since Google Playstore has allowed developers to set their apps to free for a limited time, many new and upcoming apps have taken the opportunity to promote their apps. This lets app developers get ratings, and move higher up against the competition. The users get to try something new and amazing and keep it for themselves when the free period runs out. Icon packs and live wallpaper apps are the most common apps we have seen that have gone free.

Here are 3 such live wallpaper apps for Android gone free in the Playstore. The developer of all the live wallpapers below is Ruslan Sokolovsky.

Alien Jungle 3D Live Wallpaper gone free

Rating: 4.6 (212 total)
One of the most amazing 3D live wallpapers on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Amazing alien jungle environment will bring alive your phone screen and fill it with stunning vivid colors. You can choose from 9 camera views, including 2 fantastic cinematic views to explore unknown nature. Glowing plants, waterfalls, sound fx will remind you your favorite Sci-Fi movies.
Do not rely on screenshots, you have to download it to understand the real 3D impact!

Gothic 3D Live Wallpaper

Rating: 4.7 (108 total)
One of the best 3D live wallpapers on Google Play for your phone or tablet! . Enjoy fully 3d lost cathedral scenery filled with dark Gothic atmosphere right on the screen of your phone!
Find your favorite view out of 9 cameras, or just enable automatic cinematic view and enjoy cinematic tour. You can disable or enable some of scene elements in settings menu.
Do not rely on screenshots, you have to download it to understand the real 3D impact!

Impossible Reality 3D Pro Live Wallpaper

Rating: 4.6 (153 total)
An amazing 3D live wallpaper on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Welcome to the world of impossible reality of Escher! Fully 3d version of one of the best M.C. Esher creations “Relativity” with amazing universe where normal laws of gravity do not apply! Now you can learn this fantastic painting real deep with help 5 different cameras! 2 cinematic tour cameras will take to every corner of this fascinating scenario. Soft lighting and photo realistic look will suit perfectly for phone background.
Also additional settings available.

Update: This live wallpaper by Oleksandr Popov went free as well. Enjoy

3D Rose Live Wallpaper

Rating: 4.7 (454 total)

Fully 3D live wallpaper depicting beautiful rose flower reacting to touch gestures. You can rotate flower by swiping through your home screens – scene will change its rotation according to touches.

• flower rotates as home screen changes
• tilt rose by swiping up and down
• customizable flower color and background
• random flower colors every day
• photographic vignette to draw attention to flower
• fast access to settings using double tap on home screen

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I am an science, tech, gadget and coding enthusiast from Nepal. Music and Computers take up much of my time. And I like to hike and travel as often as I can. I started The Jucktion in hopes of creating an hub for information and sharing. Hope you enjoy it as much I enjoy making them. :)

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