Autodraw: Algorithm tries to predicts what you want to draw

a drawing with autodraw machine learning

Machine learning is getting smart and it’s helping researchers teach their algorithms figure out information from huge amount of data. This is helpful in science, research, commerce and genuinely any precinct require data processing. Google’s Autodraw is a result of machine learning project to predict what your irregular doodles into properly shaped shapes from it’s database.

a drawing with autodraw machine learning

This helps you create doodles as quick as you can scribble it. This is also good to help children learn drawing while having fun with their imagination. The basics of the project is to understand how a computer could predict shapes from bizarre drawings from poor doodler.

You can try Autodraw on the Web and Android so you can get an idea of this machine learning in action. The options in the interface are straightforward. You have autodraw which uses your scribbles to proper shape, a regular marker, Text, color filler, and basic shapes. This is basically a smart paint application.

how autodraw works

If you are an artist, you can submit your drawings to be used as predictions, you can do that on the artists section.

It is still in the early stages so don’t expect extraordinary level prediction. You have to make a somewhat similar scribble. Have fun with it yourself or with kids. This may even work great in classroom environment. It’s was great seeing my nephew wanting to try drawing different things through his imagination.  Just enjoy what the service offers as it gets better with every shape your choose from the shapes you make. Let us know what you think about Google Autodraw.

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