How to update apps on android without play store? Yalp It!


Yalp store is an unmoderated version of the Google Play Store. Unmoderated in a sense, there are no geo blocks, and updates are instantaneous rather than gradual roll out. It means you can stay up-to-date without being limited by what Google plans you should get.

Download and update apps without play store from Yalp-store
First screen shows Signal app available in the yalp store ahead of play store. Second screen store showing the download for BBC iPlayer which is only available for the UK Play Store account

Yalp store is an open source project and by default uses an in-built account to access google play’s API for application information. You do not need to use your login unless the in-built account stops working. The app scans all the apps on your android and tries to find updates for them. It doesn’t matter where you get the apps from if the signature matches an app on the play store, it finds an update for it.


Here are reasons why you should consider using Yalp Store:

  • No Accounts required
    • Uses a built in account, and unless you want to download your purchased apps, there’s no need to use your own account
  • Faster updates
    • because it directly queries the API and isn’t affected by rolling updates
  • Genuine updates
    • no need to depend on APK mirror websites
  • No Geo Blocked Content.
    • If you have a app installed, it’s signature is directly queried for update without considering your location and device info.
  • No device-based content lock.
    • While some apps can still work fine while being restricted for a specific device. If you found an official app and it works for you, you can get the update through the Yalp store.
  • Google Play Services not required
    • Not required for search and installation. Some apps may depend on Google Play services for operation
  • Open Source
    • Completely opensource and free.


You won’t be able to:

  • Download paid apps without logging into your account
  • You cannot validate your in-app purchases without play store
  • Install apps that bundle updates into multiple files cannot be installed without root. Ex: Spotify Lite
  • Run apps that verify installation referer. Some apps can verify if the apps are downloaded from Google Play Store. If you download these updates from Yalp store, they may stop working. Ex: Joey for Reddit.


The app serves a cause of not being dependent on the Google Play Store for official apps and updates. Some like to root their phones and get rid of Google monitoring with Google apps and services, Yalp store allows app installations and updates without google services framework.

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