Taomix 2 goes free on Android for a limited time with 130 high quality natural sounds

Taomix 2 free upgrade promotion

We have last talked about Taomix a long while ago. It was one of my favorite natural sound mixers. Well, we now have a new Taomix to try out, and it brings 130 high-quality sounds you can play with. Moreover,  you can add your sounds to the app to make it even more flexible. Taomix 2 developer Sebastian has set Taomix 2‘s premium in-app purchase free for a limited time. It activates automatically as you run it for the first time.

If you haven’t heard of Taomix or natural sound mixing apps, here is a brief description. It is a scientific fact that people are calmer in nature. Having a stroll by the river or in the forest lowers down stress for many people. These apps act as a sound machine which can mix natural sounds that your brain processes as a distraction from your regular noises. The experience then helps with relaxation and your well-being.

Taomix 2 free upgrade promotion

This app will help you fall asleep, focus, and or meditate. If you use local transit for transport or just want to avoid the hustle of the city streets, this is an app you are going to love.

Taomix was a different app in this genre because it let the sounds appear unique all the way. It achieves this as a cursor moves through the screen of sounds with varying distances. The sound blobs are added in the screen as you would prefer and tap and pull the cursor to make it move in a path along the screen. Taomix 2 builds on the same principle with much more high-quality sound and a new interface. On Taomix 2, you can mix, set timers, record your own sound and save your mixes in for future use.

We think it’s a no brainer to choose Taomix but at a price of free, there’s no chance we could not share this with you. We think it’s a must for anyone with a stressful lifestyle. Try it and let us know what you think in the comments.

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