Listen to Nepali Devnagari (देवनागरी) News on Android Device


Google now has a Nepali female Text-to-speech sound that can read out devnagari (देवनागरी) news out loud. Most people would prefer listening as a comfortable way of being up to date with news than reading. The combination of visual and audio is why TV was popular, and YouTube is so popular these days. But the screens of these devices cause strain on our eyes making them weaker over time. And having news read to you is an excellent way to avoid straining your eyes on your smartphone or desktop screen. As more people start using it, we can expect the Nepali TTS to get much better in the future.

The combination of Google’s Nepali TTS and read it later apps will allow listening to your favorite Nepali online newspapers. You only have to know how to add the articles to the Pocket app or any other app that can read texts out loud. Serves best for people who spend too much time in front of the screen, aging people and slightly visually impaired people.

As Pocket saves the articles offline and the Nepali TTS sound is downloaded, the setup works without the internet. This allows you to take your news while on the bus, long rides, away from the grid or just wherever you want.

The requirements for this are:

  • A Text to Speech capable Android device
  • Google Text-to-speech app (most recent devices come pre-installed)
  • A “Read it Later” app with Text-to-speech capability. Pocket is free and recommended

Once you have these, you just have to configure your device to install the Nepali TTS sound, enable it and choose Nepali as the written article on your Pocket App. The steps may be a little complicated to follow for non-technical people, so we have made a video demonstrating the steps right from the start.

If you have any questions related to configuring this, please let us know. The sound is a little robotic and may not be perfect, but it is still better than straining your eyes. Let us know what you think in the comments.