Get the Access-Token for Pushbullet API


Pushbullet, for me, has been one of the most convenient ways to get notifications across all devices with ease. The features have let me create notifications updates from IFTTT, getting updates from feeds, and also access different channels. The free version has been enough for me to get things I need, so I’ve never been the one complaining when they switched to a subscription service.

Pushbullet api access token key location

Their API is free to use, and I’ve used it to get notifications from my browser automation tasks in iMacros. This time I’ve tried to use their API with Python, and this needs an Access-Token from the site. Here are quick steps to get them. I’ll be adding additional tutorials to use these for fun projects later.’

Implementing it with other programming language is so much fun.

To get the Access token for utilizing the API for pushbullet, you need to log on to your pushbullet account in your browser.

  • Then navigate to the account setting section of your account
  • Find a heading called access tokens and click on the “Create Access Token” button
Getting the Access-Token for Pushbullet API
Getting the Access-Token for Pushbullet API
  • This action creates a new Access Token for you to use Pushbullet API
  • Copy the access token generated and save it somewhere because it changes every time you create an access token
  • Resetting all your access tokens logs you out of all your devices and applications using your Pushbullet API will no longer work

That’s it; now you can use your access Token to create push notifications and find your devices on pushbullet service. Pushbullet does have a request limits for their APIs so be sure to not excessively spam yourself or someone.

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