F.lux alternative “Night Light” now baked into Windows 10


Windows 10 Night Light now enables you to reduce strain on your eyes by making screen colors warm without any third party application. You can also set up schedule to automatically turn it on during the night. Previously, F.lux was widely used on Windows and side-loaded on iOS to make this transition. Now Android, iOS, and Windows all have this feature baked in. F.lux still has smooth transitions from the cool daylight to warm colors and additional options to prevent strain on the eyes.

Windows Night Light Settings on Windows 10

Steps to enable Windows Night Light:

  1. Navigate to the Windows 10 System display settings.
  2. You will see a “Night Light” option just below the brightness slider.
  3. You can toggle it right away or you can use the “Night Light settings” link to setup schedule a time period when this feature is turned on automatically.

Here is a transition of this from going to settings to turning on schedule for the Windows Night Light.

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