Dirty Bomb – Free to Play FPS action packed with Kukri, Cricket bat and Katanas

DirtyBomb Shooter Game

Dirty Bomb packs an intensely satisfying FPS game with co-op and objective based gameplay with great graphics for free. The free to play game has mechanics similar to Counter-Strike, and if you love battling out with guns and knives with friends or in multiplayer, then you will need to give this a play. Only you can have Nepali Kukri, Cricket bat or Japanese Katana as your melee weapon. What’s more fun than slicing through your opponents team with a kukri or a katana? Cricket bat for a more nasty blow to the opponents self-esteem.

DirtyBomb Shooter Game

The Good

Merc with abilities you will love

The game is based on mercenaries (mercs) with different special abilities. You have Phantom who has a refractive shield and can be invisible, Kira who can call orbital laser strike, Bushwhacker to place turrets for unsuspecting enemies. There’s Phoenix who can revive himself, Stoker who can throw Molotov grenades, Proxy who can set mines, Nader who can fire projectile grenades or Javelin who can fire missiles. There’s a lot more you can choose from. And if that doesn’t get you excited, then I’m not sure what will

As mercenaries, you have to finish objectives and missions to earn credits. Credits are an in-game currency which you can spend to get in-game content like buy mercs, loadout cards, weapon cases or trinkets.


Many mercs in Dirty Bomb can strategically place deployable like mines, turrets, shields, anti-airstrike drone, and heartbeat sensors. These deployable can help you kill unsuspecting victims and help you and your team secure wins. But this gets intense when opposite squad uses these against you.

Is not a Pay to Win (yet)

The game doesn’t extensively focus on being Pay to Win yet.  You can buy all the mercs with in-game currency. Most of the upgrades you can buy are cosmetic based and often can be purchased through in-game currency.

They have special events around festivities and give a lot of options to make earning more fun and encourage teamplay rather than soloing. Teamwork and communication are essential to winning this game. Having a few witty pro players who try to win the game without help will often fail without teamwork. So you win as a team, or you lose as a team.

Community Interaction

Dirty Bomb teams keep a close lookout for community feedback and make some changes to reflect the communities desires. This is one of the most critical aspects of game development. They have forums and keep eyes on Dirty Bomb communities on Reddit and YouTube.

Since RNG (Random Number Generator) has been one of the most despised features in the game, they have recently detailed updates to reduce disappointments to gamers by removing unwanted elements.

While these are the things you’ll love on Dirty Bomb, it has it’s share of bugs and problems. You’ll have to get used to them until they are fixed, and new ones appear.

The Bad

RNG Loadouts

As a free to play game, it has to generate income, and most people would want to spend their money on specific things they want. However, that trend is dying. It is being replaced with random loot boxes where you can not assume the outcome of what you will get. The same thing plagues Dirty Bomb.

In Dirty Bomb, you can buy in-game mercs and merchandise with real money or in-game currency. But in both ways, you’ll have to run the dice on what you might get at the end.

Lack of effective tutorial

The game has a tutorial section which points out the basics of the game. But it lacks teamwork emphasis, map training or AI to test out your weapons. It leaves many new players being utterly useless playing on public servers. They will not place know where to go, how to place their deployable and not even know how to resurrect a friend. And they will be bashed by other players for being poor.

This probably kills the growth of the game and could use some well-designed tutorials on in-game maps with AI teammates and enemies to fight against.

Here’s a trailer to get you a taste of what to expect.

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