Hide Firefox titlebar in Linux Mint

Firefox title bar on Linux

FFirefox is the only real alternative browser engine on the market. Firefox has been losing its market share for a while since it overhauled the interface. Mozilla also rewrote the Android version of the browser, which limited the ability to install many extensions. Additional extension support has been very slow, even though it was released some time ago.

On Linux, it doesn’t perform similar to its windows counterpart, making it a compromise since most people spend more time browsing websites than using other applications. Firefox also doesn’t hide the title bar like Chrome browser, which should have been the default. However, we can retrieve this space from the browser.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open Firefox browser, left click on the navigation bar
  2. Select Customize Toolbar option.
  3. On the customize section, at the bottom left section, find the Title Bar checkbox option.
  4. Disable it and the slightly larger viewport on your Firefox.
The option to remove the title bar from Mozilla Firefox in Linux Mint

To get additional space, enable “browser.compactmode.show” in the about:config settings section of the browser. After enabling, a new density option will appear in the customize section. The option, however, will disappear as the development team doesn’t intend to keep it despite backlash from the community.

Firefox compact density setting.

That’s it. I hope the steps helped you get more web real-estate on your Firefox browser. The title bar feature may not be available on some Linux desktop environments (e.g. XFCE).