Mix and Listen to soothing nature sounds on your browser

taomix soothing nature sounds mix online

Nature sounds are a great way to relax, meditate and wind down on all the stress you gather in the day. There are a ton of apps that allow you to mix the sounds you like. But what about people who don’t have smartphones or when you’re working on the laptop or desktop. You simply can’t depend on your smartphone for everything.We’ve already reviewed the Taomix app before, now it has a web demo  where you can try out some the features of the app. This lets you create your own soothing sound mix on the app and listen to them while you work or browse the internet without the need for a smartphone.

And this demo is pretty amazing too, you’ll love having it while you’re working on your computer.

taomix soothing nature sounds mix online

The interface is very simple and after the sounds are downloaded, you can simply click the nature sound clip from the left sidebar to the mid window and they will start playing. The sounds vary according to the distance they are placed from the white cursor. The cursor moves randomly through the screen but you can click and place them where you want it to start. You can click and hold on the sound clip circles to make their size bigger or smaller. The size will affect the sound to decrease or increase.

Once you’re done setting the sounds, you can start listening to the melodic sounds playing on the background. Do not close the tab you’re mixing the sounds in though this will stop your relaxing sound from stopping.

The demo contains ocean sounds, rain, river, thunder, Bamboo chimes, city, fire and birds.

That’s it, you’re set to relax while you work or browse the internet. Or you can set your computer to sleep or shutdown after a duration while this is playing. So this can help you as sleep sounds as well.

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