10 Amazing Pictures of The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are one of the amazing natural phenomenon that occurs only in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. The magnificent display of lights is produced by solar wind particles guided by Earth’s field lines to the top of the atmosphere. Learn more about the phenomenon at Wikipedia. These have always amazed me and they are always a delight to watch. There are a lot of youtube videos with time lapses of Northern Lights. If you like them you should try watching them too.

Here are collection of 10 beautiful pictures of Northern Lights:

Nothern lights with milky way galaxy

Nothern lights with milky way galaxy

Northern lights

Amazing view of Aurora Borealis

Northern lights over Stokksnes by Juan Pablo de Miguel

NAurora Borealis - Space Photo

Milky Way, Aurora and Volcano Glow from Holuhraun eruption.

The Ultimate

Stunning,unreal, simply out of this world Polarlicht Berg by Michael Hochfellner.

Northern Lights hovering over the Reykjavik capital area. Colorful lights by Dagur Jonsson.

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