Download Reddit Videos with Privacy


Reddit is one of the most popular social media website for link and media aggregation. People share stories, experiences, and content from all over the Internet. Reddit is a collection of thousands of public forums on a single website. Users can create communities, set rules, and moderate content created by members of these communities. Some communities have tons of content and subscribers. Hence, Reddit and its popular communities have grown in prominence as a hub for all things the internet has to offer. Reddit is also quite popular for images and video content sourced from other social networks. Hence, many users seek to download Reddit video on popular content.

Reddit, in recent years, started allowing its users to upload images and videos directly to its website. Before that, users used Imgur and other image hosting websites as an external content host. Reddit uses two different streams of video and audio for its video player. These separate streams complicate the download process.

With traditional videos, you could just download them with network traffic inspection. It is not very hard either, since there are many services and apps that merge these streams for you. Here we are going to discuss the easiest ways for you to download Reddit videos for free. We’ll focus on straightforward and ad-free ways first.

Download Reddit Video without an App


The easiest way to download a video with the audio intact is to use a Reddit private frontend called Teddit. Teddit is an open source web app build to mirror content from Reddit. In mirroring these content, it also merges the separate audio/video stream into one. For convenience, it links to the media file below for easy download. You can replace the Reddit domain with a Teddit instance which takes you to a page where the video is processed for download. Teddit also allows you to preview comments.

Media download in an Teddit instance
Media download in an Teddit instance

For an example, to download the video, you replace the “” domain to “” and find the media link after the page loads:


Teddit is an open source self-host able software, so there should be a public instance closer to you. If the instance is popular, most of the video content may already be processed & cached, making the content load faster. Teddit acts as a proxy between you and Reddit making the download completely private.

Various Reddit media download websites

Savemp4, Redditsave, and Viddit are some of the Reddit media connoisseurs. They will merge the audio and video stream to let you download a single media file. You can then share it elsewhere or repost it again. Some of these websites also have an option to choose the quality of the video. You can view video quality ranging from SD to HD version. As opposed to Teddit, they are proprietary, and they may have ads and trackers on their website. Even if they don’t do now, there’s always a chance that can change.

Redditsave interface
Redditsave interface

Download Reddit Video with an App

Smartphone Apps

Third party apps are the pinnacle of customizing your Reddit browsing experience. If you browse Reddit every day, you are better served with a third party application. While Reddit limits some features with the API, they provide tons of configurations if you don’t have specialized needs. The main third party app limitation is that you will lose out on Reddit chat.

Download button on the Infinity for Reddit video player
Download button on the Infinity for Reddit video player

These third-party applications will also allow you to download Reddit videos/images right within the app. Some apps may allow you to customize your download settings where you can configure the quality, download location, format, etc.

Infinity for Reddit is an open-source Reddit client for Android. They host the infinity project on GitHub. Apollo is a popular Reddit client for iOS. They both should allow you to download videos for your storage.


Youtube-DL is one of the popular command line downloaders. It has always been controversial with its operation to download videos from video platforms. If you are comfortable with using a command line application, you may try out the DLP fork. Reddit is mentioned on its list of supported sites.


Reddit has shown that they don’t oppose video downloads after an alleged controversy with save video bot. So you know you aren’t doing something against Reddit’s term of service. You can choose the method that is suitable for you. Download to your heart’s content.

Reddit is usually repetitive with same content being posted over and over. However, there are some interesting content that will surprise and amaze you. These content are worth saving and sharing with your close friend circle. I hope you gained some insights on how to download Reddit videos with the easiest method possible.

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