How to change Nepal Telecom (NTC) ADSL Password

ntc adsl password change

If you have been using the Nepal Telecom‘s ADSL service for some time or recently joined it you might have noticed that you’re provided with same username and password as your login info which contains your phone number. This is actually a very lame practice that NTC has been utilizing since the days of dial-up internet.

The password are usually your own ADSL id which is generally linked with your land-line phone number for example adsl661423(random0) . This isn’t hard to guess if you know someone has a ADSL connection and you know their home number as well. Although your connection might not work when used with a different phone line, still the online membership area is fully open to whoever wants to exploit it to change your password or details.

So in an attempt to help anyone change their password to something else that NTC gave you, we put together a step by step tutorial to get it done. One thing to be noted is that this has to be done with an ADSL connection. You won’t be able to get into the Nepal Telecom’s member area from internet from Broadlink, Worldlink or others. And internet is required as well.

First you have to go to NTC’s web site:

then on the navigation bar

Internet –> Change Password

ntc adsl password change


If this is the first time you’re accessing this page you might get a Certificate error from the browser. You’ll have to press the Proceed anyway button on your Google Chrome or “I understand the risk” button and add the certificate on Mozilla Firefox.

ntc ssl certificate error

After you continue you will a login area like below. Here you have to login with your current ADSL login username and password provided by Nepal Telecom. Also you need to add the wsc_ at the front of the username as below. Enter your password then enter the members area.

If the username doesn’t work, you have to contact NTC ADSL department to provide you your username for the members area.

ntc adsl online member login

Once logged in you will you your subscription details like your name,  bandwidth, last payment date, the expiration date and other details for your subscription. On the center, you’ll find your ADSL id with the bandwidth listed as below. Click your ADSL id which will guide to the settings page where you will be able to change the password.

Nepal Telecom ADSL member zone

The screen you’ll see now will have “Change Password” listed besides the password. Follow the link to change your ADSL password. You’ll need to enter your current password once, if this is the first time this will be the password provided by Nepal Telecom. Then enter the new password twice  and continue. This will have the ADSL password changed. Now the important thing is you’ll have to update your ADSL router with the updated password to make the connection work with the internet.

adsl service details

change adsl password

If you don’t even know your password you need to contact Nepal Telecom to provide you the password or give you a new one so you can change it. Your password should be private and shouldn’t be easy to guess like your phone number. This will stop people from using your internet connection. And we hope that Nepal Telecom can come up with a simple way to create users with a random password which we don’t think is really that hard.

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