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September 19, 2017

Nepali Fonts Collection

We at The Jucktion have compiled some the the most widely used Nepali fonts for users who are trying to type in Nepali or view documents in written in Nepali. We didn’t exactly find a good location for the fonts, so we decided to create a collection of fonts with their downloads. Nepal Telecoms site does have a collection of Nepali Fonts but we found that they had problems while typing and viewing documents.

Preeti Font (Normal)

The first and we think the mostly used font is the Preeti font. Its a slim and elegant font that can be use for any document, reports or applications .


Font Name: Preeti

Version:  1.0 Aug 04, 1993

TrueType Outlines

preeti font download

Download Preeti Font

Kantipur Font (Medium)

Kantipur is also one of the stylish Nepali fonts out there. Similar to Preeti font, it can be used for documents, reports and applications.


Font Name: Kantipur

Version: Altsys Fontographer 3.5 Oct 2, 1994

TrueType Outlines

kantipur font download

Download Kantipur Font

Himalaya Font

Himalaya font is also similar to the other fonts above with minor differences.



Version: 1.0

TrueType Outlines

himalaya font

Download Himalaya Font


These are just some of the fonts, we are going to share others with updates on this posts with fonts like Himalb and others so stay tuned.

About The Author

I am an science, tech, gadget and coding enthusiast from Nepal. Music and Computers take up much of my time. And I like to hike and travel as often as I can. I started The Jucktion in hopes of creating an hub for information and sharing. Hope you enjoy it as much I enjoy making them. :)

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