NT GSM users can now access 600+ government sites for free


Nepal Telecom has recently launched a project to make government websites promptly available for subscribers. This project attempts to make more than 600 sites (622 at the moment) not count against the paid data usage. So users can now check their information, gather new notices, download/submit registrations forms and many government activities. The free government website access will encourage more Nepali people to interact and complete government related tasks without fear of losing money.

NT GSM free government website access promo image

This, however, will only work if your browser doesn’t use its own proxy server. The default browser or alternative browsers that use default proxy servers are required to take benefit of this offer. On Android, browsers like Opera Mini, Chrome, Puffin Browser and others use their own servers to handle requests. And using these browsers will count against your data plan.

Clean Firefox browser (without proxy add-ons), Lightning Browser are examples of third party browsers that are safe to use with this initiative. So you have to make sure check your prepaid balance before you send or download a huge number of documents from these sites. On iPhone, as all browsers are based on Safari, if you don’t use network customization apps, VPNs then it should be all work without costing you a rupee.

One other aspect of this service that came to my mind is the exploitation of these websites. As the sites are free to explore and it doesn’t cost a thing, a hacker or any script kiddie could setup a firewall to block every other site and use a huge number of exploitation techniques to break, deface or extract data from these sites databases. But in the long term, it can lead to better-secured government websites in Nepal? This might be far fetched but will be interesting to see.

So here come’s the list of the websites. You might want to bookmark the link so it is readily available when you might need it. You can view the list of all the 622 sites:


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