Translating Linux Mint in Nepali Language


Linux Mint is one the most used Linux Distro after Ubuntu. Also Linux Mint’s interface easy to use and being much similar to Windows, users find it easier to move from Windows to Linux. Although Linux has grown so much over the years and is easily a wise decision against Windows. There has been not much growth or Linux or Open source in Nepal. Help us create Nepali Linux Mint for Nepal.

Governments and Organizations should have moved to Linux years ago, because of the freedom and security feature advantage over Windows. Instead the Government moves ahead with buying a huge Anti-Virus Package from Kaspersky. Virus are the least of what you have to worry about on Linux Platforms.

Nepali Linux Mint Translation Progress
Linux Mint Translation Progress

So we and some of our friends are on the small project to Translate Linux Mint to Nepali. Right now its only me translating the templates in my free time. But i could really use some help from fellow Nepali friends who want to help me in this project. We could help Linux be more appreciated and blend into Nepali culture and reach rural areas where its needed most.

Nepali LInux Mint Translation Team
Current Nepali LInux Mint Translation Team


– You’ll have to create a Launchpad account for providing your Translation.

– The Nepali translation template is located at:

– Tools to convert Romanized Nepali to Unicode Nepali. You can use any one you prefer.

– For now you are suggested to covert every word and abbreviation to Nepali with similar pronunciation, We don’t want complicated Nepali words that conflict with the latest understanding or technology standards. For example Interface would be translated to “इन्टरफेस” not something like “अन्तरमोहडा“. This would make getting support for something much easier.  But this can be discussed.

– Text like USB, CD whose abbreviations are technology standards should be changed to similar pronunciation.

– Any comment and suggestions can be posted as a comment here.

– For discussions, please use the forum at Jucktion Linux Forum.

Further work:

We have to also create a standard Guidelines as to what works best. Should we convert every letter to Devanagari? Or leave some abbreviation like CD, USB, as they are. Everyone is free to comment on what should be done as this is a open source project. I will update the guidelines as time passes on and ideas gathered.

I’ll be returning for translations once my exams complete.

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