Facebook Graph Search and What it can be used for


Facebook Graph Search is a new feature that’s coming to Facebook that is going to make searching for things, people and interests around you a hell lot easier. The information you can get about things and people you want from this feature is amazing. This feature can let you search for people you once went school with or have similar interest to finding probable customers to your business.


And as Facebook has always found criticism in how they handle user privacy to adding promoted posts in users feed, this is something that might come as both a good thing or a bad thing to users. As we mentioned earlier, to make Facebook Graph Search more popular Facebook has disabled the ability of a user to block themselves from appearing on the search result. So you can now be searched through your friends or anyone in the world based on your interest and place you live or where you’ve been to. For others this brings joy in searching through people matching their interest, places they’ve been to what they’ve liked on their profile.

Lets get to the current feature of Facebook Graph Search, once you’ve activated Graph Search on your profile the old search bar on the top will be replaced by “Search for people, places and things” text if you’re on the homepage. If you’re on someones Else’s profile or page the text will change to their name or page title. So your search can be filtered by which page you are in on Facebook. The text when clicked turns into a search box with a drop-down list of default search suggestions like the picture below. The Search Suggestions change as you type along to give you better results.


Searching for People matching your interests:

You think your current friends don’t have the same interest as you do, then this feature is going to find people who have similar interest and live nearby so you can make new friends much easier without having to go out and ask people their interests. If searching through every single interest is not your thing you can simple search for “People with similar interests to me who live nearby”, this will find people nearby matching any one of your interests. Now isn’t that amazing, this is the best way finding people with similar interest.

Matching your interests:

Finding what your friends and you both like couldn’t have been more easier with Graph Search. You can search for “Interests liked by me and Friends_Name” to find similar interest that both of you. So now when you meet that friend again, you can talk about those interests and strengthen the friendship.

Going through your Friends interests:

As you type through the box the suggestions begin to change to best match your query with locations, interest, and people. You can search through peoples interests like “Interests liked by ‘Persons Name'”. And currently you can replace interest in search through these filters:

  • Athlete
  • Book
  • City
  • College
  • Country
  • Employer
  • Game
  • Grad School
  • High School
  • Interest
  • Language
  • Movie
  • Musician
  • Political View
  • Region
  • Religion
  • School
  • Sport
  • Sports Team
  • TV Show

Finding people interested in your Business:

Above search filters are for searching through the people you know. If you want to search for people, you can use “People who like Harry Porter” or anything you might like to add like “People who like Harry Porter and live nearby”. This is going to filter results based on your current location. This feature is going to awesome for businessmen who can filter out people who are in their niche and nearby so they can get in touch with them or promote their product to them. They could search “People who like chinese food and live nearby” which will generate a list according to the location then the owner can add them as a friend and invite them to their business page. This will allow business to find customers much more easier than searching through Google.


So these are the features that are currently being tested as a Beta test with users around the World. And i was lucky enough to get an early invite to test out this amazing feature. This will soon be released to the public and its sure going be huge feature upgrade to Facebook. And also some privacy related concerns will surface with the use of Facebook Graph Search, and its ability to search through people’s interest, and history. If you want to test out the feature, you can get an invite on the Facebook’s Graph Search page. If you do get in, do let us know how it goes.

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