Mount Everest in 3.8 billion pixels


Filmmaker David Breashears and an non-profit organization GlacierWorks has compiled together a 3.8 billion pixel image of the Mount Everest. The image of this quality and range was created from 477 different images which were combined into a single panorama. The panorama provides a astonishing detail view of the Mount Everest for viewers who are eager to see the close up of the highest peak in the world in their own home.

Click on the below image to view the panorama on Glacierworks website. The panorama needs flash to work so any browser with Flash support will work including Android phone and tablets with Flash installed.

Mount Everest in 3.8 billion pixels

The purpose of the project is also to show the effects of climate change to the world. For which the GlacierWorks team have gathered pictures from the past and matched it with current photos revealing the effects of climate change. According to Glacierworks this is just the 1/100th of the resource they have and are eager to provide viewers with much bigger and better version in the near future.

This gigapixel image of the Khumbu glacier was captured by David Breashears during the spring of 2012, from the Pumori viewpoint near Mount Everest. The Khumbu Icefall is clearly visible here, and one can easily see the hustle and bustle of Everest Base Camp below.


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