Nepal officially commences fiber link connectivity with China

Nepal China Fiber Link

Nepal Telecom today officially commenced additional Internet backbone connection with fiber link from China. Nepal previously only had Internet connectivity from thian Indian link. The Nepal/China fiber link addition lessens the dependency upon Indian connection link for all Internet-related activities. It could also mean reduction in latency for global content as shorter routes could be chosen through China’s network nodes.

The internet connectivity is not affected by the China’s Great Firewall which censors content not approved by the China government. Additional information has been included in the following press release from Nepal Telecom.Nepal China Fiber Link

The connection had been in plans before the abolishment of the monarchy in 2003. So technically, this plan took effect after 14 years in paper. The delays were prolonged and disrupted by constant political and environmental turmoil. The connection is made possible with Nepal Telecom and China Telecom Global cross-border optical fiber link.

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