VPN services that provide VPN location in Nepal

Nepali VPN Location

VPNs are trending with the rise in privacy concerns on the Internet. Companies implementing geo-block to their content and governments making it illegal to torrent or blocking access to specific sites are also factors driving the VPN market. All of the buzz around this has made it for alluring good and bad companies alike. Here are a few services that offer VPN location in Nepal. The VPN locations with Nepal will help you isolate your real IP address and access geo-locked services like Net TV and WOW Time to watch local news channels.

A little about virtual VPN locations

While accessing a service that blocks or allows users based on location, IP address is the first thing to determine the location of the client. But IP addresses can be switched over and hosted on a different location for different reasons. These are known as virtual VPN locations. VPN service providers use fake locations as some countries don’t have the infrastructure and also mostly to saves costs using servers in better equipped countries.

As Nepal is still a developing country with limited technology infrastructure, most VPN providers only offer virtual locations.

Express VPN (Virtual Location, Kathmandu)

The first one on the list is Express VPN. Express VPN is a very fast VPN with numerous locations all over the world. It is also considered one of the most secure and private VPN service provider by numerous credible sources. However, It was also one of the first VPN’s caught to be using fake VPN locations to have the global reach to rare locations like Nepal and other countries. But since then they have publicly disclosed the availability of physical and virtual VPN locations for countries like Nepal.

ExpressVPN also has a 7 day premium trial you can use to test out the speed and quality of service so you don’t regret buying it once the trial period is over.

ExpressVPN Nepali Location


You can check about other virtual VPN locations from their support sectionVPN application are available for almost all operating system like Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android. It also provides extensions for popular browsers Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

HideMyAss VPN (Virtual Location, Janakpur)

HideMyAss is another VPN service which offers a Nepali location from Janakpur which lets you services like Net TV and WOW TV from Nepal Telecom with good speed. The location can be found in the “all locations” section and the speed is fairly good.

Nepali VPN Location

The VPN location virtual location since the IP address information mentions London as their address, and they mention using virtual locations in their support sectionAs with ExpressVPN, HideMyAss provides applications for all major platforms but no browser extensions.

GetFlix VPN (Virtual Location, Kathmandu)

GetFlix is primarily a smart DNS provider which diverts requests through different IP address to fake location. It also has VPN service with Nepal as a location. However, their VPN apps are currently only limited to iOS, Android and MacOS. It supports PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN protocols.

You need a subscription to use the VPN feature from GetFlix and the reviews from play store don’t seem positive so we didn’t bother with getting a subscription.

We couldn’t find other popular VPN service providers who offer VPN locations in Nepal. If you know a reputable company providing quality service in Nepal then we’ll be glad to link them here. Nepali People abroad will appreciate watching Nepali TV on services like Net TV and WOW Time with these VPN services.



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