Public Poll for Best Internet Service Providers in Nepal

best isp in nepal

Nepal is a country with hardly any competition in internet service providers. That makes it rather easy to fall for the big advertisements and get a very low quality service and support. Let’s vote and recommend a best isp in Nepal for new internet users.

best isp in nepal

Internet providers in Nepal who should provide internet service 24/7, mostly only provide customer service within the work hours of the day. And so if the internet stop working after the work hours, you’re most likely to be offline for the rest of the day and will only work the next day.

Another thing is the unavailability of continous power supply in the country. So when the power is down throughout the area for several hours, sometimes the service providers are unable to provide internet service because they don’t have enough budget to power the internet supplying infrastructure. Or that is what they claim.

best internet service provider nepal

Here we provide you the opportunity to vote for the ISP that you like and would recommend it to others based on their service, availability, consistency and support.

You will be able to view the poll results once you’ve voted. and you can revote monthly as we all know how often services quality changes in Nepal.

Well known list of ISP in Nepal (sorted alphabetically):

  1. Broadlink Wifi
  2. Classictech Internet
  3. East Link Technology
  4. Nepal Telecom
  5. Net Max Technology
  6. Otel
  7. Subisu Nepal
  8. Vianet communication
  9. Websurfer Nepal
  10. World Link

Some of the above service provider are a part of Internet Service Provider Association of Nepal, (ISPAN)

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This will also serve as report to the Internet Service Providers to check their rankings and provide better overall internet service and support in future. You are free to comment about the best isp in Nepal or locality and the level of customer service you are getting.

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