The most Mathematical Flag belongs to us.


Ever wondered how our Nepali flag is made with perfect geometry, We all learned to make the flag tons of times in school but never knew that so much details go into making the perfect Nepali flag until i watched a video on YouTube from Numberphile.

It’s no surprise that we have a description on the Constitution on how to make the flag, its comes as a big surprise that it wasn’t been tought in school (don’t know if it is now).  I now know that its a bit complicated, but it would have been fun to know that we had the most mathematical flag and there are steps to be taken rather than draw random triangles and drawings in between them.

Nepal Flag with the Maths

Nepal Flag Coloured

We might have never known of this (as with most of the things we have) if it wasn’t for the Video by Numberphile, to recognize what goes into making the flag.  So a huge thanks for them for this video.

And here is the video:

[youtube f2Gne3UHKHs 550 450]

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