Mars pictures sent from Curiosity

Mars rover Curiosity

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has sent in some beautiful pictures of Mars and its surface geography. Curiosity is able to send in colored raw pictures back to earth where it can be studied by scientist and experts. Here are some of the images that we think you will love.

Mars rover Curiosity
Credit: NASA

Today Curiosity will be preparing for a planned “brain transplant” transformation where it will be transitioning into a new version of flight software on both of Curiosity’s redundant main computers. This will enable Curiosity to fully utilize its robotic arms, advanced image processing and to check for obstacles as it travels on the mars surface.

Here’s a image of Curiosity rovers self portrait taken by its own navigation cameras. The pictures are currently blurred because they are not made from high resolution images, which are in the process of being sent. However two pieces of this image are from high resolution pictures.

curiosity self portrait
Credit: NASA

Another picture from Curiosity shows two of the land marks traces made by the rocket engines of the rover. The tracess can be seen on the left center of the picture.

curiosity land marks
Credit: NASA

One of the most outstanding pictures sent from mars is a 360 degree panorama view of the Gale crater. Click on the image to view enlarged picture.

Gale Crater of Mars 360 Panorama
Credit: NASA,

If you want to view more pictures of Mars from this mission, you can do so by visiting the following link from NASA which holds RAW images from the mission sent by Curiosity rover.