Finding public Pi-hole servers and testing them

public pihole servers tested against local pihole
public pihole servers tested against local pihole with DNSBench

Pi-hole is a DNS service running on a Linux device or virtual machine capable of blocking ad and tracking domains by refusing to resolve them. The pihole system is a combination of DNS service coupled with a web interface for managing whitelists and blacklists and displaying interactive statistics. Primarily built for Raspberry Pi device, it works well with other Linux distributions. However, before you buy a raspberry pi or set up a virtual machine to setup pihole, you may want to try a public pihole server.

public pihole servers tested against local pihole
Public pihole servers tested against local pihole with DNSBench

Finding public pi-hole servers

These servers were found merely through search engines with (intitle:”Pi-hole Admin Console”) search and checked with DNS benchmark tool. However, they might stop working at any time and may be malicious. While the servers can only resolve domain names, they can be used for phishing by redirecting domain names to wrong addresses. So please use caution as they are not in our control.

The List

The list were tested with DNSBench for validity and latency. The latency depends on your geographic location from the servers. Shorter the latency, faster the domains resolution.

Server IP Reverse DNS Server Country
188. 68. 53. 49 NETCUP-AS netcup GmbH DE
82. 165. 72. 119 ONEANDONE-AS Brauerstrasse 48 DE
173. 212. 192. 162 CONTABO DE
151. 80. 145. 143 OVH FR
178. 62. 34. 137 Pi-Hole DIGITALOCEAN-ASN – DigitalOcean US
217. 61. 19. 197 ARUBACLOUDLTD-ASN GB
67. 251. 128. 81 TWC-12271-NYC – Charter Communications Inc US
206. 189. 224. 250 oakshild-one DIGITALOCEAN-ASN – DigitalOcean US
185. 187. 240. 11 IOMART-AS GB
144. 217. 91. 190 OVH FR


While exposing your pihole server can lead to a lot of request much of which can be DDOS attempts, there are ways to disable their index on search engine and prevent DDOS. We didn’t find any public pihole servers in other continents and many were not accepting DNS requests as a way to prevent access. The above were alive and operating to resolve domain names at the time of posting.