Stylish Nepali Fonts for Graphic Design

A good designer knows which font fits into a scenario. The same designer will also have a wide range of fonts to choose from their collection. Choice of good fonts plays a vital role in the making of a good graphic design or visual media content. Popular brands have a definitive selection of fonts and color they use for media, ads, and promotions to appear unique from other brands. Similarly, categorical niches have their own unambiguous selection of fonts that differentiate them from each other. Fashion industry prefers thin and aesthetically elaborate fonts while tech industries like flat and creative fonts.

Stylish Nepali Fonts

Stylish Fonts not only add a touch of elegance and appeal, they also help to express the objective or message of the artwork in a delightful manner. Rights fonts with the right graphics and color combinations convey the essence of the ad piece, poster, logo or any form of creative digital imagination.

Unfortunately, the style of most of Nepali fonts still remains the same. Huge variety of English fonts can be found with a multitude of style, design, art or even for the dyslexic. Designers can attribute fonts according to the mood they express and the requirements of the design. But when it comes to Nepali fonts, some of us may not be familiar with many stylish fonts that we can choose. The most popular Nepali font used for typing is Preeti font. Whereas Sagarmatha, Kantipur, Fontasi Himali, Kanchan, Mangal are among the commonly used fonts.

Here is a quick list of some of the stylish Nepali/Devnagari fonts in no particular order.
1. Ananda 1 Hv
2. Aananda Fanko 2
3. Aananda Akshyar
4. Ganess
5. Shrinagar
6. Suryodaya
7. Shila Regular
8. CV Sadhana
9. Rukmini Regular
10. Safalta Bold
11. Raju Bold
12. Amrit Kuruti

Grab these fonts on Google Drive here.

These are the fonts we think could liven up your creativity with Nepali fonts. While not many, there is much you can mix with fonts to create a unique fit for your design. If you have any stylish Nepali font you want to share, we’ll be glad to include them here.

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