Experience trail from Everest Base Camp to the Peak in 3D and 360

Experience Mt Everest in 3D

Ever wondered about how you would climb the highest mountain in the world? What would the trail be like? Is it really that hard like people say it is? What do you have to go through from the base camp to the highest of the mountain top? Most of the people know about Mt. Everest as the highest mountain peak in the world or do you even know where it is Nepal?

Experience Mt Everest in 3D

This new web-based 3D preview of the standard trail of Mt. Everest shows you the exact trail that the climbers take to reach the monstrous peak. It starts from the base at the Everest Base Camp, goes through the Khumbu IceFall, Western CWM, South Col, Hillary Step and to the top.

As you reach the top of Everest you can view the amazing fog-free view of the area around the Mt. Everest to the Nepal on the south and China on the north.

Experience Mt Everest in 3D

The view is great if you want to experience the top view of the world without any effort on your end. Moreover if you are thinking it is not that hard, you might have a change of mind.

Here’s a 360 view from the top of the Mount Everest.

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