Scrobble Pandora on Android with an open source scrobbler

Scrobble Pandora on Android is a free service that records the history of the music you listen. On Android, music listeners have many simple solutions like Simple Scrobbler and other third party apps apart from official app to scrobble music from their favorite music player. But songs from Pandora cannot be scrobbled with both of them. To be able to scrobble Pandora on Android you need something that access your notification metadata to resolve the music you are listening to.

As you listen to music, an app in the background detects and scrobbles (submits) metadata to This helps you keep track of your music taste through the years. also used to allow you to find people with similar taste in music. The neighbor feature unfortunately was removed during the redesign.

Scrobble Pandora on Android

Pano Scrobbler does exactly this and it is opensource and very light on resource usage. Pano simply needs permission to access notifications, then runs a background service to scrobble music from any apps that submits music metadata. And this means any app, so you might want to configure which apps are permitted beforehand. You can choose to scrobble from any music or video app or select a few that you prefer to scrobble.

Settings are easy to configure. Simply login to account, configure scrobble delay settings to mark when the song is scrobbled.

Scrobble Pandora on Android

And that’s it, you can now scrobble Pandora on Android. The Pano scrobble is light and only uses negligible amount of battery and resource. And as an open source project it is free from ads and tracking codes as well.

The only shortcoming of using Pano scrobbler is that it can sometime fail to detect a long song and scrobble it twice. But since it is on continuous development, we expect to see some fixes for that bug soon. If you use a different application to scrobble Pandora on Android, do let us know.


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