How to listen to Pandora in Canada/UK or any other countries


Pandora is a music streaming service that allows music listeners to listen to their favourite type of music without having to pirate the songs. The service then pays royalty to the artists that you listen to so it’s able to stream the music legally. Unfortunately the service is limited to United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Even people from countries like Canada, United Kingdom don’t have this music streaming service. This is because their advertisements and targeted to these demographics so they can’t serve it worldwide.

So we’re going to learn how easy it is to listen to Pandora anywhere on earth with an internet connection and a browser.


So how do you listen to this awesome music service in Nepal. There are tough ways like getting a VPN that operates in one of those countries or finding a proxy from that country. That is often troublesome and can cost money. But there are free ways to listen to Pandora without going through any of that trouble. This works with most of the popular web browsers.

Firstly you have to get Hola plugin/extension for your browser from Hola Website.


After you get the Hola Extension for your browser. You’ll have to set the site and the country to be able to access Pandora. I’ve chosen Firefox here, to show you how it’s done. The hola icon appears on the toolbar where you can click on to select the country to browse that site from. And The setting only applies to the current site and won’t affect other sites at all. This allows you to browse other sites without going through the VPN.



Once, you’re on a pandora site you can choose United States as your chosen VPN destination. After you’ve done that the page will reload itself setting your location to United States. Then Pandora will open as your in one of the countries it provides it’s service. Then you can continue to signup and start using Pandora from about any country.

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