Get the most secured shortest email with

Secured shortest email address

Short emails are easy to remember and use. Signing in takes less time if you have do it everyday at work or elsewhere. Add highest level of security available and you’ve got a dream email service. Protonmail is hailed by the security community as one of the most secured way to email. The free offering is enough for many users to try secure communication. Now you can enjoy secured shortest email with Protonmail. Based in Sweden and created by prominent computer scientists, you can expect highest level of security and privacy.

Secured shortest email address

Recently, they have acquired the domain They have been really generous to allow free users to receive emails to their You will just have to activate it in your settings to be able to start receiving emails through the email.

Note: You can only receive emails to your email as a free user.

Benefits of short

  • Easy to remember
  • Easily signup at other sites
  • Easily login to check your emails
  • Have a short professional domain email
  • Enjoy security from one of the most secured email service available right now

Once you’ve activated email, you will now own the inbox for the said email. If you ever upgrade to the premium plan, you will be able to send emails through the email as well. You can access the inbox through Protonmail app for web, Android or iOS.

We have gathered a list of short 3 letters username which are still available for registration at protonmail. It is posted on our forum thread.You will have to register to view the complete list.