Nepal Telecom’s Festive discounts for 2074/2017


For the occasion of Dashain, Nepal Telecom has revealed it’s plan for discounts and extension on a number of its services. The details for all these packages were released today. These are the complete details of the discounts provided.

Recharge Bonus:

Users of prepaid GSM and CDMA are going to get 10% bonus with recharge over 50 to 1000 from Ashoj 5-10. If you recharge using the MPoS system 10% additional bonus is added to recharge amount over Rs.10.

YouTube Data Package:

GSM prepaid and postpaid mobile users will get 1GB data volume for Rs.100 with validity of 21 days. The discount recharge period starts from 5th to the 19th of Ashoj.

Combo Package:

Users of GSM and CDMA prepaid/postpaid package will get 6 minutes of voice, 5 SMS and 15 Mb data volume for Rs. 10 valid for 1 day. Voice and SMS rates valid only for NTC to NTC.

The discount recharge period starts from 5th to the 19th of Ashoj.


With Rs.10: 6m voice, 5 SMS and 15 Mb data for 1 day.
With Rs.25: 16m voice, 16 SMS, and 35Mb data for 3 days.
With Rs.50: 45m voice, 25 SMS, and 70Mb data for 5 days.
With Rs.100: 110m voice, 30 SMS, and 150Mb data for 10 days.
With Rs.300: 360m voice, 40 SMS, 600Mb data for 30 days.


Users of GSM and CDMA prepaid/postpaid package can get:
11 minutes voice call with Rs.10 valid for a day.
30 minutes voice call with Rs.25 valid for 3 days.
75 minutes voice call with Rs.50 valid for 5 days.
300 minutes voice call with Rs.100 valid for 10 days.
650 minutes voice call with Rs.300 valid for 30 days.

PSTN/C-Phone (Post Paid Fixed) Bonus:

Normally users with minimum monthly payment of Rs.200 were getting 175 local calls free. The package has been updated to allow 100 more free calls totaling 275 through Ashoj and Kartik.


For ADSL/FTTH/WiMAX users with Unlimited and Volume based subscription expiring between Ashoj 11 to 18, the subscription will only end on Ashoj 19th.

SMS Discount:

Users of GSM and CDMA prepaid/postpaid package will get 50% discount during 11th to 19th of Ashoj. Meaning NTC to NTC SMS will only cost Rs.0.50.

FREE 4G SIM conversion:

From Ashoj 5 to Kartik 30, old 4G incapable SIM can be exchanged to latest 4G SIM for free. Nepal Telecom counters in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and Kaski are participating for this conversion.

These are only the listing of the discounts available during the festive season. We are not sure how the different packages are implemented and do not collide with each-other. Anyhow, if you are interested in the package, you can contact nearest Nepal Telecom operator or call “198” support center to know more about the discounts.

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