iOS 11 update has arrived in Nepal

The latest update to the iOS has been released yesterday and now you can update your compatible devices to iOS 11. Brand new file manager, app store making it easier to find apps, new control panel customization, better Siri’s voice, and better notifications on lock screen are some of the important updates you’ll notice right away.

iOS 11 Nepal
Devices compatible with iOS 11

There are more even more updates that Apple has made to iPad to make working and collaborating easier with Apple Pencil and dock. You can watch how to videos on iPad Pro with iOS 11 here.

Another new feature is powerful augmented reality apps for your phone and tablets. App developers can now create interactive apps with ARKit that react seamlessly with what the device can see.

Learn more about the features  at Apple’s iOS 11 feature page. I’m updating my iPhone 6 to iOS 11 as I am writing this. This is the complete changelog you will see on the device. Let us know what you think about it.

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