Night theme and Sending files on Skype Web

Skype Night mode

We have previously written about how you can now use Skype on your web browser. This is perfect for someone who does not have desktop application installed or while using someone else’s computer. Sending files on Skype before a while ago needed the receiver to be online so the transfer could complete.

But now this doesn’t seem to be the case, and you can send files without the receiver being online. As if remember, the feature was first implemented in the beta version of Skype and is now available for both web app and standalone Skype app.

For this, you have to just drag and drop your files onto your browser with Skype web running. On the desktop, you can do the same with the Skype software. This will start an upload process. Then once the file is marked sent, you no longer need to be online for the receiver to receive the files.

uploading files on Skype

Another new feature I appreciate a lot is the dark theme on the Skype web app. On your settings page, you can set the theme of the interface to dark so that it is less stressful to the eyes during the night or low light situations. You can activate this by locating the gear icon on the left sidebar, then on the personalization settings.

enable NIght theme for Skype web

I use it almost every time even when it is not late. It is well made and goes easy on my eyes. A lot of people who spend much time on computer and use Skype will appreciate this.

Skype Night mode

This is about it for a couple of tricks for Skype web version. I hope it helps someone that didn’t know about these features.