NetTV Web – Watch Nepali TV channels on a browser

NetTV is the first licensed IPTV service in Nepal and in their bid to stay at the top, they’ve also launched their TV streaming service on the web. Now you can watch free NetTV channels and your subscription right from a web browser.

NetTV Web

The web app needs a NetTV account, and then you can choose which channels you want to watch. The interface is pretty easy and the speed is as fast as it would be on the Net TV app. And you get the scripts blocking feature from the browser extensions. Which can be used to block trackers and ads while you watch your favorite tv channels.

The interface is pretty straight-forward and you can directly browse and subscribe to new packages. There’s also a Sports news section, which should interest less people.

The web service is only available on Nepal or with a Nepali VPN. You can log in to the app through your NetTV account, but the videos won’t play and will give you a “Could not connect to media server” error.

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