myTube! – YouTube player for Windows 10 & XBox1 (free for 5 days)

myTube Youtube Player for Windows 10

myTube! is a third party youtube application for Windows 10 operating system. As users have no say on the interface or operation on youtube browser, these third-party applications allow users to crowd-source ideas for interface and operation. myTube is one of the really neat application which offers youtube in an interactive interface with the picture in picture support, audio/video download and casting.

Distinct features of myTube include:

  • It runs on Windows 10 desktop, XBox and Windows mobile
  • It allows you to login to your own account to manage your subscription
  • It allows you to view videos in picture-in-picture overlay over other applications
  • Can be used to download youtube videos
  • Cast videos to other videos
  • Choose Youtube content location
  • Choose to use VP9 video codec
  • Companion extension for browser to view youtube videos on the app

The application presumably parses the webpage of the video to get the required data for the video and comments. There’s no additional dynamic content loaded like javascript and CSS, which reduces load on the system. Since the video stream is parsed as a single file you don’t get annoying ads at the start or in-between the videos. You can use the theater mode to avoid the comments and video information.

myTube Youtube Player for Windows 10

The Interface

The player interface consists of the usual seek feature, quality control. volume full screen and the way to use theater mode. The additional feature like the picture in picture and casting is on the top right of the video. The picture in picture is great for multi-tasking and learning as you watch.

myTuve Settings


  • The settings help you customize the content of the app. The content include toggles for:
  • Full screen comments
  • Allow channel notification on mobile data (mobile)
  • Warn before playing on mobile data (mobile)
  • Use live tiles
  • Sync subscription with contacts
  • Separate myTube history from youtube history
  • Use private mode


  • Play video automatically
  • Show up Next when video ends
  • Start video in full-screen
  • Default quality
  • Continue playing when you leave the application
  • Use the official youtube web player
  • Use Vp9 playback

Some of the improvements it could use are the ability to directly copy/paste youtube video and playlist links to play them. I couldn’t figure out the cast feature as it didn’t recognize my chrome-cast audio. While switching to the next song, it reverts back to the full interface which is little inconvenient. There also doesn’t seem to be a feature for captions.

Download myTube! Free for 5 Days

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