Internet rate comparision for 3 popular ISP in Nepal (as of 27th Bhadra)

Nepali ISP Comparision

Finding good quality internet service is a minefield in Nepal. While the ISP boasts their speed and quality, they are often just tricks to lure customers into their network. While you rarely get the promised speeds, you will have to deal with poor support and service outage without prior notice. And they often do it on a holiday so there’s no on in the office to pick up your calls. And the supposed call support will divert your call to the same office without employees. Here’s a brief Nepali ISP Comparison table to make your decision easier.

Anyway here’s a list of 3 most popular Internet Service Providers in Nepal. The table depicts the rates for different unlimited package for Fibre to the Home (FTTH) package.

The package speed text are clickable leading you to the package description page on the respective site. The prices are in Nepali Rupees and they are subject to change without notice.

Note: Classictech rates are decreased for dasai.


Classictech Worldlink Vianet Classictech Worldlink Vianet
Speed 6Mbps 5Mbps 6Mbps Speed 15Mbps N/A 12Mbps
12 months 916 1150 1099 12m 1042 1250
6m  N/A  N/A 1150 6  N/A 1300
3m 1200 1300 1200 3 1350 1350
1m 1350 1350 1250 1 1500 1400
Speed 30Mbps 25Mbps 30Mbps Speed 60Mbps 50Mbps N/A
12m 1208 1450 1450 12m 1525 1833.333
6 1600 N/A 1550 6 N/A N/A
3 1650 1600 1600 3 2050 2050
1 N/A 1650 1650 1 2150 2150
Classictech Worldlink Vianet
Speed 100Mbps  N/A  N/A
12m 2916
6 N/A
3 4000
1 4500


Additional Costs:

Above are the rates excluding installation, wiring and device rentals.

Router Classictech Worldlink Vianet
6m  N/A  N/A 500
3m 1000 750 1000
1m 3000 1500 1500
Wire 1000 1131 1000
Installation FREE FREE FREE
Deposit 2000 1500 1500


We hope to update this as often as we can to help the internet users have a better view at the comparison. We’ve double/triple checked for it to not have any mistakes but please report them if you find them. If you have any suggestions to making the comparison better, we would love to hear it.