5 more & currently free Android Live Wallpapers

live wallpapers sep 13 2017

Here are 5 more Android Live wallpapers on sale for free right now. If you install or add them to your account during the free sale period, they will still remain on your apps library after the sale is over. If the apps offer family library support, other members of your family group can also use the app without the need to add them to their account.

Mayan Mystery 3D Pro lwp

 Mayan Mystery 3D Pro lwp

An amazing 3D live wallpaper on Google Play for your phone or tablet! Absolutely realistic Mayan Pyramids ruins in rain forest environment for your phone screen! What an ancient civilization is trying to tell us with its amazing frescoes, sculptures and stunning architecture? Maybe secrets of meaning of life, contacts with aliens or powerful pro civilization what built pyramids all over the world? Try to resolve all the mysteries with colorful Mayan Mystery 3D Pro lwp!

In Pro version different views available along with animated cinematic tour and customization setting to play with.

Digital Clock Live Wallpaper – Unique & Minimal

Digital Clock Live Wallpaper - Unique & Minimal

Simple , minimalistic digital clock live wallpaper. It’s unique , minimalistic wallpaper and with parallax effect(uses phone’s gyro sensor) with less battery and CPU

– Date and time row
– Numerous format for date and time
– Parallax intensity variation
– lots of lots of colors
– beautiful elegant fonts
– controllable animation
– font size
– and more

Random Circles Live Wallpaper – Parallax 3D

Random Circles Live Wallpaper - Parallax 3D
Want to make your Android wallpaper most attractive? Apply this 3D parallax random circle live wallpaper. Move your device to for parallax effect viewing.
Unique features –
– Lot of themes to choose from.
– Pitch Black background with colourful random circles(Cool for amoled screens ).
– Configurable parallax effect (from very slow to very fast)
– Random circles radius change option.
– less CPU and battery consumption.
– No advertisement no in app purchase.
– Leave your valuable comments for improvement, suggestions for new features, and rating for supporting my efforts.

Live Jellyfish Wallpaper

Live Jellyfish Wallpaper

Enjoy these mysterious creatures of the deep. Their elegant forms, beautiful colors, and smooth motions take you to a world of tranquility and delight. These lovely creatures even respond to your touch in their unique ways! Aside from a full list of preset theme selections, you can create your own with custom colors and light settings. This sophisticated app has a surprisingly small footprint of power consumption and memory size. These jellies swim smoothly on devices ranging from the latest tablets to low-end cell phones. This is all possible thanks to our superb proprietary rendering technology, and our relentless push of boundaries of technology and art quality. This is your ultimate live jellyfish wallpaper. Enjoy!

Fractal Tree Live Wallpaper -Customisable & Unique

Fractal Tree Live Wallpaper -Customisable & Unique
Now see the beautiful mathematics as live wallpaper – fractal tree optimised(default setting) not to use much processing power – but given a lot of settings (pro version) to play with tons of options –
>If you are lost in setting – just press reset (yeah there are lot of options)
>Change color of the tree – single color (with gradient – material color array ), bi color (each node if of different color)
>Tree leaf fraction variation – gives you all different type of trees.
>Tree leaf angles can be altered. Try different angle in different side for fun.
>background color – use from predefined theme or choose your favourite color. Use linear gradient. All colors in backgrounds are darker to get pleasant effect.
>Cool animation -(does not take extra processing )
>Random tree each time you unlock your phone
>End branch – dynamic leaf type or flower type