NTC finally offers 4G in Nepal after 8 years of 4G deployment

NTC 4G Deployment

Nepal Telecom (NTC) has finally started 4G service to its customers. The service began in Nepal after eight years of commercial deployment in Norway. Still, the deployment in is still in very early phase as it is only available for Kathmandu Valley and Pokhara. NTC is currently operating 4G LTE technology on 1800 MHz band. Nepal Telecom launched 4G/LTE service for the first time in Nepal with the start of January 2017.

Nepal Telecom is offer free 1GB daily usage limit for GSM postpaid users for January as per the Nepal Telecom website.

NTC 4G Deployment

The service is available for both GSM Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers unlike some news channels claiming only post-paid customers can subscribe to use the package. NTC claims that the price of 4G will be the same as the previous 3G rate. So if you were using the 3G service for internet connection and you are in Kathmandu, you are in Luck. Although with the 4G speed you will run out of your balance pretty faster.

You will also have to get a newer GSM SIM card if your current SIM is an older variant which only supports 3G speeds. You can do this by dialling “*444#” for validating the compatibility of your SIM and smartphone. The service activation is free, and you can exchange your current 3G SIM to a 4G compatible SIM.

Find out more about the offer at Nepal Telecom 4G/LTE page. It is early to say how good the service will be. If you are using it, let us know what you think.

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